Toyota Motors Corp. is a Japenese car brand and became the world car brand leader now. In 2019, Toyota sold 10.74 Million Vehicles over the Globe. The company was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda but the First production of the car was released in 1936 and named it “Model-AA”. After some time, The company was able to become the largest car Brand in Japan. For a fact, Toyota is a leader in Hybrid electric vehicles.

Top Brands Under TOYOTA



Hino Founded in 1942, is a Japanese automobile manufacturer of commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. Its also leading in Asia for selling heavy-duty diesel trucks. Hino sells its trucks under Hino300, Hino500, Hino600, and Hino700 series.



Lexus is a premium car manufacturer founded in 1986 in Japan and now has saved a rank under the top 10 Japanese global car brands as per Market value. Toyota is the Parent company of this Luxury car manufacturing brand. Some latest models of Lexus are Lexus RS, Lexus LS, Lexus ES, Lexus NX, and Lexus LX. America is the country with most sales of Lexus cars and Americans have some kind of fondness with style and features and Lexus is just the right brand for it.



Daihatsu was founded in 1907 under the name Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd., and then later in 1951, The company renamed itself as Daihatsu Motors co. Ltd. Its the oldest car brand in Japan. Daihatsu has its range of passenger vehicles, offroad vehicles, and small Kei cars. Toyota became a major shareholder in the company in 1967 and according to reports now Toyota has more than 51% share in the company.

Toyota Motors

Toyota corolla

As of December 2019, Toyota became the 10th Largest company in the world by revenue. Toyota cars are always in talks and there are few reasons behind it firstly its reliability, secondly its low maintenance cost, Thirdly Fuel efficient as well as quality and Fourthly obviously we cannot forget looks.
In the USA during 1957, Toyota introduced its first sedan in USA market which was named Toyopet Sedan but due to its price and less power, People didn’t like it much as it failed but Toyota didn’t stop, They came back with a superb design car with less price and fuel-efficient and named it TOYOTA “Corona” in 1965 and that was a big success for Toyota. Some of you might be thinking its “Toyota Corolla” not “Corona” but yes that was “Toyota Corona” at that time.
Toyota Launched Toyota Corolla in the year 1968 which was appreciated by the customers of the USA.

Entry in the Indian Market

Toyota Vellfire

Toyota entered the Indian market in 1997 forming a Joint Venture with Kirloskar and named TOYOTA Kirloskar Motors Pvt. Ltd. They opened their head office in Banglore, Karnataka. Toyota launched its first car in 1999 that is Qualis and that was a major success for Toyota in the Indian market. People bought it for personal use, Commercial use, and Qualis also served in Indian Police but later company discontinued Qualis in 2005. In the Indian market, Toyota has launched several cars and the greatest was “Innova“.
Toyota Cars currently in Indian Market are:
1. Toyota Camry
2.Toyota Fortuner
3.Toyota Glanza
4.Toyota Innova Crysta
5.Toyota Touring Sport

Toyota is yet to lunch its most talked luxury vehicle in Indian Market soon which is “TOYOTA Vellfire”. We all are waiting to see and witness this car making history in Indian Market and giving a close competition to KIA Carnival.

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