In this day and age, We know many things however it is also a fact that no one knows everything about everything. Therefore to enhance your knowledge, I am here with 25 car facts that are interesting as well as informative.

  1. There are more than 70 million cars that are manufactured every year by the Car manufacturing brands and we can say that this is quite a small number as compared to the population of 7.8 Billion People around the globe.
  2. The average car has more than 30,000 parts. I know you knew that but these are 30,000 unique parts. Try and think about how many parts can you think of and name of.
  3. The new car smell is composed of around 50 volatile organic compounds but there is an interesting thing with it that most people do like that smell and they just can’t get over it.
  4. Many cars are stolen every day but according to stats Honda Accord is the car that’s been stolen very frequently in the United States. Try and put your car in the garage.
  5. Car washers are making loads of money in Russia, Wanna know why? It’s illegal to drive a dirty car.
  6. Volvo is the Latin word for ‘I roll’ therefore I think all Volvo owners should ask Volvo for a super bass music system to rock and roll in Volvo.
  7. Toyota produces more than 13,000 cars every day certainly that’s the most against any car manufacturer in the world.
  8. More than 280 Million tires are discarded every year and you will be surprised to know that many of the tires are said to be in very good condition.
  9. When you get to know about Toyota, You are surprised but do you know that Ferrari produces only 14 cars a day and this can be because no everybody has the funds to buy that luxury car.
  10. 95% of a car’s life is passed being parked and we don’t know about it because we haven’t think about it that too.
  11. Every 40 seconds A Toyota Corolla is being sold out making it the world’s best selling car. in the meantime you are having your breakfast more than 10 Corollas has been sold out.
  12. Royal Marines is a UK team that has set a world record in removing and replacing a car in Engine in just 42 seconds. I guess they all had machine hands. What do you think?
  13. About 65% of all the Rolls-Royce cars made till date are still on Roads. Yes that is expensive however build quality is also the reason.
  14. If you try and press the car’s remote button 256 times in a row importantly when the car is not in range then remote will lose all its functions in other words the remote will be completely dysfunctional.
  15. Its unbelievable but its a fact that an Average Buggati Veyron owner also owns 85 cars, 2 Private jets, and a Yacht so next time you think buying a Bugatti check your assets.
  16. The top speed of the world’s first automobile in the USA race is 15mph (24kmph approximately). Don’t you think its too slow to be counted as a race?
  17. 16% of the car owners admit never washed their cars. (it’s a bad habit, try and wash every week)
  18. An average American spends about 42 hours in traffic if calculated as a year. For once try and think of India.
  19. Ferrari 458 Spider is the car which has said to be the most accident-prone car however I can understand you love Ferrari and you will still buy it and guess what I will buy it too.
  20. The United States has the most cars in the world, the number is 300 million, on the other hand, China is in second place with nearly 78 million cars. ( Just check out the difference)
  21. Now it is a scientific fact that if you hold your car remote to your head, it may nearly double its range. (try it, I have tried it too).
  22. In a study, It’s been found out that approximately 5 months of a human’s life has been spent waiting in a car at red lights. (that does not mean you will jump the lights)
  23. The first speeding fine was issued in 1902 and the irony is that most cars at a time can only drive up to a speed of 45mph.
  24. BMW M5 has the most silent engine and this is a fact that fake noises have been played in the car via speakers to convenience buyers about its performance.
  25. This is for all ‘Walking dead’ fans that Hyundai Tucson had a limited ‘walking dead’ edition that contains a zombie survival kit in case of a zombie apocalypse.

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