Technology enhancement is playing an important role in any country’s economy however if that technology advancement is in Auto Sector then that can be a major change in not only for Auto Sector but also for the Public out there. Today I am talking about that proud advancement only in Auto Sector and that is “Electric Cars”. I Have a list of Best Electric Cars in India in 2020 that have been launched till date.

1. Hyundai Kona

"Hyundai Kona" Picture is here to show the image of the car.
Image Source- Hyundai Official Website

Last Year in 2019, Hyundai launched its first Electric Car in India. Not only it has a Stylish and Sporty look but its comfort is so relaxing that it will give the driver a beautiful driving experience. Firstly I am gonna talk about its range, So Hyundai claims 452 km on a single charge and that’s very competitive against any other electric car available in India. Secondly, Hyundai is providing 8 Years of battery Warranty with a condition of 1,60,000 Km on it and for parts, it provides 3 Years of the standard warranty. Thirdly I mentioned the word “Comfort” in addition to that word I have some cool features that stand for it and those are:
1. Heated and Cooled Front Seats
2. A huge 8-inch Touchscreen system
3.Powered Driver Seat
4.Noise-free drive with Immediate Acceleration
5.DC fast charger
6. Smooth Automatic Gear Shift

With all those beautiful Features it is economical too. The car was initially launched with a price of Rs 25.3 Lakhs but with the news of price slash in GST then the price of Kona came down to Rs 23.71 Lakh to Rs 23.9 Lakh

2. TATA Nexon EV 2020

TATA motor "nexon EV"
Image Source- TATA Motors India Official Website

TATA has always a notch in getting better cars at lower prices. If we talk about the petrol or Diesel Variant of Nexon that also has an impressive impression on the buyers. Nexon EV has a style and comfort with best in class performance of 0-100kmph in just 9.9 seconds. Its Immediate acceleration gives the driver confidence in driving. TATA is also providing doorstep services with the largest EV Network in about India. Talking about the Warranty part, Company is providing 8 Years of battery and motor warranty with 1,60,000 km. TATA is also providing free home charging installation to help buyers make a choice.
The Price of this sporty and efficient car starts at Rs13.99 Lakhs to Rs.15.99 Lakhs (Ex-showroom).


Best electric car in India "MG ZS EV"
Image Source- MG Motors India Official Website

After a Successful launch and showing the Auto Sector a new way of the car with introducing “Internet Technology” and voice commands system in MG Hector, The company came up with their new line of Electric car and has given a quite different name as “MG ZS EV“. The car has been in talks in the market just after the announcement because MG’s First SUV in India “Hector” was very successful and a lot of people just loved the car.
MG ZS EV comes with European Standards keeping the safety of their buyers as Priority. The car is coming with the I-SMART EV 2.0 system with having a great Infotainment system on the panel. The car comes with 140 BHP with an Automatic Transmission on the go. Price Starts at Rs20.88 Lakhs – Rs23.58 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom)

4. TATA Tigor EV

Is it really the best electric cars in India of 2020?

best electric car of 2020 "Tigor EV"

After some time of the launching of Nexon EV, TATA launched an Electric Line up of one of their best selling coupe type car Tigor. The car comes with a coupe type design that looks pretty cool on the size of Tigor EV. Tigor comes up with multiple safety features also, for instance, ABS with EBD, Airbags, Energy absorbing body structure, etc. The car also comes up with a single-speed transmission with a sport mode for comfortable drive. With home charging solutions or features like height adjustable seat and Largest network of EV in India helps to easily attract the buyers to itself.
The Price starts at 9.45 Lakhs to 9.85 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom).

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